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THE SCHOOL OF "SAMUELS" (Prophets and Priesthood).  The School is divinely established with a clear cut mandate to raise a special breed of well guided Priests and Prophets from their early age as AMBASSADORS of CHRIST to be sent forth into all human strata of the society as Christ REPRESENTATIVES to engender kingdom lifestyle in every generation of these last days no matter their field of eadeavours- Engineering, Medicine, Health, Sports, Entertainment and Education etc.   

It is founded to enhance and nurture the prophetic gifts/ potentials (endowment) and ministry of our young ones and prepares them to fulfill and accomplish their God given prophetic and priestly Callings, Assignments, Mandate, and Ordination in the way of the LORD. This we do by engaging their spirit, minds, interest/focus through early discovery, nurturing, training, building and deploying them into their various areas of God given potentials to mould and shapen the society.

We have well designed special courses ( Holy Spirit designed/ structured curriculum) well planned and developed for our Children -  Ages 6-9; 10-13; 14-17. These are prepared as special apostles these last days to serve DIVINE PLAN for the Nations. Enrol your Children or ward in our Basic Course in the School of Samuels